Whitegood Traders & Appliance Repairs FAQ

These are the regular questions we get when the client first contacts us in relation to appliance repairs:

Issues relating to appliance use


How much will it cost?

A) From the fault description given by the client, it may be possible at times to give an estimate. But we cannot give a firm quote for repairs without inspection and testing of the appliance.

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Do you have a call out/inspection fee?

A) Yes we do. (POA) But that fee is included in the price if you proceed with repairs.

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What do you think the problem is?

A) Again, we cannot answer this one. For example, “the machine will not go into spin”. There are numerous causes for this problem. To give a specific answer over the telephone is not the way to provide our clients with the best service.

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Can you leave me an invoice for the repairs?

A) Payment is required on completion. All businesses need a constant cash flow. We are no different!

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Issues relating to appliance use.


My dryer keeps cutting out, what’s the problem?

A) Before calling for repairs, make sure there is an adequate air flow to the dryer. Eg. leave the laundry door or window open when the dryer is in use. If there is a good air flow and the dryer still cuts out, give us a call.

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Why does my washing machine move around the floor when spinning?

A) Make sure the machine sits firmly on the ground and the feet can get a grip on the floor. Some floor tiles are so shiny, extra measures have to be taken to ensure the feet can grip.

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My machine constantly trips the out of balance switch. Does it have a balance problem?

A) Again, make sure the feet have a solid grip and the machine is firm on the ground. If it is a top loader it must not lean back as this, in most cases, tips the bowl too close to the out of balance lever.

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I have oil in the wash, is the gearbox leaking?

A) In the vast majority of cases, the main cause of this problem is fabric softener! Remember, many machines do not have a gear box. eg. front loaders. But many of those still have “oil” in the wash. This is because over a period of time (depending how much softener is used) the softener builds up in the machine between the bowls and eventually breaks away and gets back into the wash. Only by then it has transformed into a black oily sludge!

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How much bleach should I use in a wash?

A) None. It softens the seals. Water then gets into the bearings and that is an expensive repair.

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1What is the best way to clean (inside) my washing machine?

A) There are various substances used for this. Eg. vinegar. We recommend Epsom Salts. Just put about 200grams in a hot wash (no actual washing) and let the machine go through a cycle. If the smell is bad, especially where there is a fabric softener build up, you may need to repeat this exercise two or three times. If that does not work, then the machine may need to be pulled apart and manually cleaned.

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My front loader door gasket is stained. What do I clean it with?

A) Generally, once the rubber gasket is stained, it will not clean off. The gasket is actually OK and the staining will not affect the wash. It’s just that it looks bad. To minimise the chance of staining and the possibility of mould growing, wipe the gasket after each use and if safe to do so, leave the door open.

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There is water on my laundry floor. Does my machine have a leak?

A) Possibly. But before calling us, check all hose connections and taps are OK. If they are, you have our number!

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